Tackling the Climate Emergency

Goldshaw Booth Parish Council is committed to tackling the climate emergency on a local level by working in partnership with residents, groups and organisations to undertake carbon reduction initiatives.

Pendle faces significant climate challenges, as highlighted by The Friends of the Earth climate change performance score of 44% which is poor compared to other similar local authority areas:

  • Less than 10% of Pendle is tree cover
  • Only 22% of commuter journeys in Pendle are made by public transport, walking or cycling
  • Only 18% of Pendle homes are well insulated
  • Just 32% of Pendle household waste is reused, recycled, or composted
  • Pendle has 6 megawatts of renewable energy available (similar local council areas have 80 megawatts)

GBPC has initiated several tree-planting schemes, the latest of which will see 500 trees planted on the playing field area in March 2020 and a wetland management area is also under consideration. Other ideas the PC is keen to explore include:

  • Establishment of a tree nursery
  • Promotion of car sharing, especially around school and work traffic
  • Creation of a community buying group to minimise the use of single use plastic
  • A community composting scheme
  • Reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Encouraging ‘wild’ areas for biodiversity to thrive
  • Convening a local Citizens Assembly on climate change

If you are interested in discussing how the local community can action any of these or other local climate change ideas, please get in touch with GBPC via [email protected]