The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Parish Council meeting held on the Tuesday 10th March 2020

  1. CCTV – this has now been ordered and will be installed in the near future.
  2. Dog fouling – this continues to be a problem throughout the villages. The Parish Council is applying to Pendle Borough Council to affix several dog fouling notices throughout the area.
  3. Defibrillators – the Parish Council has secured a bid from Barrowford and Western to purchase two defibrillators and protective covers, these will be situated in Sabden Fold and Spenbrook. Thank you to the residents who have agreed to have these sited on their properties. Thank you also to John Riley who has agreed to help with the installation.
  4. Parish Website – this has been redesigned by Councillor Cronshaw and is due to be launched in the near future.
  5. Planning application (20/0119/PIP) – objections have been noted from residents and council members and these have been forwarded to Pendle Borough Council. Details of the application can be found on the Pendle Planning website using the planning application number.
  6. Gardener – the gardener has been commissioned to create a rockery garden behind the bus stop and bench in Spenbrook.
  7. Road drains – these continue to be blocked throughout the villages and following numerous reporting over the last 12 months to LCC we are still awaiting a response.
  8. Tree planting, BKV Competition, Annual Parish Meeting and Council Meetings – in light of recent events and ongoing situation it has been decided to cancel all the above events and meetings until further notice to avoid any group contact. The trees will now be planted by council members in their own time.

As a Parish can I ask that we all look out for our neighbours and provide help and support wherever possible.